MATHS.mov from Luke and Jim

Luke: Howdy Dudes. Jim: We have produced a series of maths STARTER activities in the form of short QuickTime MOVIES.
Luke: Not forgetting 1-page teacher's guides. Jim: And 1-page student worksheets. Luke: For each activity.

Luke: Some of these are available FREE on the TES Connect site. Jim: Others can be purchased for 20p. Luke: Wow! Search the back of your sofa, dudes.

MATHS.mov series:

Series 1: Where's the centre of rotation?

Series 2: Describe the geometric transformations

Series 3: Mapping diagram: find the function

Series 4: Cartesian graph: find the function

Series 5: Shear T-E-S

Series 6: Turn turn

Series 7: Shear shear

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